Senior Spotlight: Brooke

I ventured out to Radford University for the first time this past Saturday evening and took photographs the one and only Brooke Eubank! We've been close friends for awhile now and I'm so happy I could capture this accomplishment of her's. Read what she has to say about her time at Radford and her future plans:

"My time at Radford has been quite the journey. I remember my senior year of high school when I was so set on going to Radford to become an Occupational Therapist. I was ecstatic when I got accepted. During my time I hit some bumps in the road but I managed to keep pushing and striving to be the best me. I am so blessed to graduate in a major that I am very passionate about and am so humbled to be working in. Recreational Therapy has taught me all sorts of ways to help individuals with all types of disabilities and I am looking so forward to spending my days with this population.

Looking back on the last four years, I have learned a lot along the way. I’ve had to learn how to live on my own and balance a social life, work, and school. I’ve never really been a partier, so the choice between drinking and school/work has never been an issue for me. Sometimes I regret not spending more time enjoying my time here and less time working or watching Netflix, but I honestly feel I wouldn’t be the person I am now if I hadn’t done those things. Despite my regrets, Radford has allowed me to meet a lot of great people and the college memories I do have are enough to last me a lifetime.

Although I will not be attending grad school in the fall for OT, I still plan to chase my dream of becoming an Occupational Therapist. I plan to complete my internship this fall in RT and apply for grad school in the spring. I am unsure if I will choose to come back to Radford to get my Masters in OT or possibly attend another university, but something about Radford will always be home to me."

 Watch out world, Brooke is coming for ya!

Kelsey Stoner