Senior Spotlight: Ana

I had the pleasure of taking Ana's senior photographs last night and MAN, I can't even begin to tell you how enjoyable it was. She took me out to the Virginia Tech horse farm for the first time because it means so much to her and it was beautiful. Just having the opportunity to get to know Ana better is something i'm so thankful for because she is truly such a genuine person.  I just found some new editing presets that I love from Dirty Boots and Messy Hair and I thought they were perfect with the theme of horses and the golden day it was!

Here is what Ana has to say as she reflects back on her time at Virginia Tech:

"I truly never thought this day would come. From fall semester freshman year, college has been a constant struggle for me academically, and I felt like it dragged on forever in that aspect. And now, graduating a year early, It’s hard to believe I’ll be done. It’s definitely bittersweet. I did not plan on graduating early, but that's just how it all worked out. I started my junior year this past fall thinking I was still graduating “on time” until my advisor told me otherwise, and it all hit me like a brick. I was, and am definitely still not ready mentally to go out into the “real world” (I don’t even have a job yet), but I am certainly ready to not have to stress about schoolwork anymore. I’m already young for my year, graduating at 20 years old. So now i’m going into the “real world” extra early… WHAT??!?

One thing I truly appreciate Virginia Tech for is giving me friends that will last a life-time. One of my current roommates is someone I literally met the day after move-in day freshman year, and we have been inseparable ever since. I will also miss having so many hands-on experiences with animals, horses specifically. As an animal science major, that's what I loved the most; not the lectures, but being able to go out to the farm and actually practice what I’ve learned. I was also blessed with the opportunity to be a charter member of Kappa Alpha Theta here at Tech and man, what an incredible journey that has been, surrounded by amazing sisters that have certainly contributed to helping me grow immensely. Last but not least, throughout my 3 years here, I have also come to fall in love with Blacksburg, our campus, and its beautiful scenery. That is something I will also miss very deeply; the trails, the farms, the mountains. Everyone that has me added on social media knows i’m obsessed with the view from my room, and I know i’ll never be able to match it.

Virginia Tech, thank you. Thank you for all the ups and downs you’ve put me through because I would not be who I am today without them. They say college is the best 4 years of your life and I got shortchanged with only 3. I have no idea yet who I am going to be In the future, but I know I will always be a Hokie."

You're gonna kill it, Ana!

Kelsey Stoner