Booking YOUR DREAM Photoshoot

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Choosing a time

As a natural light photographer, I prefer to shoot during the hour before sunset. This is considered the "golden hour" because the light is soft and radiant on your skin. Other times of the day can cause unwanted shadows and less of a "wow" factor in your photos because of the light. If you have a circumstance that prevents you from shooting at this time, I am accommodating and will still be overjoyed to capture your moments at any time of the day.


The location is completely up to the client. It is important that these photographs represent you or your group so it is imperative that you're the one to choose where they will be taken. I am along for the ride.


2-hour sessions including 40-60 digital prints with your choice of 2 locations - $200

Final Note

After booking a session, you will receive a style guide that provides tips on how to look your best and a contract/photo release form. It's my goal to make sure you feel comfortable and prepared for your big day.