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Virginia-based photographer that loves to smile from behind the camera as you are smiling from in front. Passionate about creating a positive, fun-filled client experience.



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There will always be those moments in life like graduations, weddings, and more you won't want to forget.


We all have the scrapbooks that were made for us when we were growing up, why not start our own with new photographs.



Is there anything better than good friends? Yes, pictures of you and your good friends! You don't want to miss out on that!



Dedicated to making sure your photoshoot goes exactly how you want, I strive to be as flexible and as fun as possible. I can tell jokes to make you laugh so it isn't always the "okay, now pretend your laughing" moment, I can work with you are making sure your outfit is on point so there are no color clashes, and I can give you a pain-free process to getting beautiful photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

Who Am I?

I'm a proud Hokie and lover of all things photography. I became interested in photography when I got my first small digital camera, and have continued to be interested because I absolutely love interacting with people. If I could spend everyday taking photographs of people with smiles, I would be extremely content. That's why I do this. Not to be too cheesy, but we all have heard "find a way to make your hobby your job and you will live a happy life" and that really is what I am doing! I am currently pursuing a degree in marketing management at Virginia Tech and am involved in a few organizations such as PRISM, the student-run advertising agency on campus, and Kappa Alpha Theta. I love to stay busy and I hope that you reach out to me if you are interested in getting to know me more and booking a session!