Virginia Natural Light Photographer

Blacksburg, VA Natural-light photographer

CApturing golden moments you won't want to forget

It's All about you


I'm dedicated to making sure your photoshoot goes exactly how you want and I strive to be as flexible as possible. I consider myself a "natural light photographer" because I prefer to shoot during the "golden hour," or the hour before sunset. During this hour, the light is soft and warm -perfect for pictures. If you have a circumstance or event that is not during the "golden hour," I am more than happy to accommodate and shoot when it is best for you. 

My style


I typically describe my photographic style as artistic and editorial. There’s something about an element of glamour that really excites me and I try to incorporate it into every photoshoot I do. Many clients ask for the style I’ve just described but I also have clients who want photographs that are more natural and light and I love creating that sort of look as well. I always ask during the planning phases what the client is envisioning because at the end of the day, my goal is to provide clients with photographs they can cherish forever.