Everything You Need to Know About Photoshoots

Are you a senior wanting senior portraits taken, a couple that wants to capture lots of love, an event planning that is seeking to find a photographer, or maybe a group of friends that wants to capture your memories together? Here are the details of a Kelsey Stoner Photography session that you are dying to know!


For a two-hour shoot (most common), the price is $250 and is all-inclusive. This means that the time, editing, and digital photographs are all covered by the $250 price. The same goes for a one-hour session which is a total price of $150. You are able to change locations and outfits as much as you would like within your chosen time frame!



The location is completely up to the client. It is important that these photographs represent you or your group so it is imperative that you're the one to choose where they will be taken. Typically in one hour, clients can take photographs at two locations and for two hours, it is possible to do more than two. I am along for the ride!


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What Should You Expect?

You are the director! It will be completely your decision on what you would like to wear, where you would like to be, and ultimately what you want your shoot to look like! I want to create an environment where you feel comfortable and taken care of while giving you the freedom to make this shoot completely your own. I can also provide you with my person suggestions for themes, locations, and outfits.